Silicone Stretch Lids [6 Pack]

Silicone Stretch Lids [6 Pack]

Silicone Stretch Lids [6 Pack]


BPA Free

Stretch-fit To Fit Various Shapes/Sizes of Containers, Dishes, Bowls

Safe in Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer



    • Don't need to hunt for your size: If you always seem to have miscellaneous jars and containers that don't have lids. This reusable silicone lids provides various size for most containers. Stretchable and seal silicone lids fit every bowl, glassware, jar, food can, watermelon(round, square, odd-shaped), cantaloupe or other fruits and vegetables. They stay on tight. Water in a vase turned upside down left nary a drip.
    • Health and safety: Silicone food wrap are made of food grade silicone, 100% imported high quality silicone, harmless, complying with LFGB safety certificate. You can simply put the silicone lid on to cover your food and heat it up in the oven or microwave.
    • Easy to use: Silicone bowl covers are so easy to slip on and you don't have to change containers to put a lid on something. The lids are see-thru and clear in color for easy viewing of what is in which bowl in refrig and freezer.easy for you to find the vegetables or tastes you're looking for, no time wasted on guess work.
    • Easy to clean and store away: Silicone suction lids are made of silicone so clean up nicely and hard to be stainable. microwave safe, dishwasher and freezer safe.These lids are also very easy to store since they as so malleable - not stiff like other.they fit perfectly and are even stackable in the can place another lite weight item on top without it collapsing into dish.
    • Trying to do our part to save the planet: Great replacement for wasteful plastic cling wrap that always leaves a sticky residue on our bowls' edges. they will save money and the environment by not using plastic wrap.Goodbye, plastic wrap and waste.

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